Movie eve at Kinopoli 13th of December!


Did you know that studying too hard can be dangerous? Do you need a reason to procrastinate with all these upcoming exams? Let's watch a movie together, eat popcorn and say hi before this semester ends! We'll meet at Kinopoli (Otakaari 20 A) on Tuesday the 13th at 6PM and start watching a movie of choice around 7PM. I'll bring juice and something to eat with the popcorn, but it is a good idea to bring something tasty to share with everybody.

Please let me know that you are coming by casting a vote on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hydepakki/ for some movies which you would like to watch. You vote by liking a movie in the poll and you can propose a movie of your own liking by making a comment. Other people can then vote for your movie by liking your comment. If you do not have a Facebook you can email me.

See you on Tuesday!


045 123 7854