New year's trip 28.12.2012 - 6.1.2013


After popular request: a summary of the New year's trip in English.
Feel free to ask for more info from ilmo.raisanen(ät)aalto.fi.

A trip to the Ylläs skiing resort 28.12.2012-6.1.2013. Skiing
(downhill or cross country), day trips with snow shoes, and the
evenings in a warm hut playing board games + sauna + enjoying the good
food & company.
Accomodation is in a rented hut, and we will travel there by train (to
Kolari) + bus.

Accomodation 140-160€
Trains 110€ (sleeping wagon Helsinki - Kolari - Helsinki) or 90€
(with no sleeping compartment)
Buses 20€
Food 100€, depends on how much you eat

Pay in three parts:
- 50€ when signing up (to Teepakki, bank of Ålandsbanken-Tapiola, FI31
6601 0003 2436 64 )
- The rest later in the autumn, when we know the exact price.
- If the food costs more than expected, the extra cost is paid after the trip.

By the 16.9.2012! Fill in the form at http://tinyurl.com/Yllas2013 .
(Form is in Finnish, ask for help if needed)

More info:
About the trip: Ilmo Räisänen / ilmo.raisanen(ät) aalto.fi / 050 547 1406
About the sign in -form and the train tickets: Jussi Pihlajamäki /
firstname.lastname(ät)iki.fi / 040 5432 889

Yours sincerely,