Have a Hike! To Nuuksio! (4.[-5.]2.)


Suomennos lopussa.

Traditionally, February is the most beautiful month of the winter and thus, I will organize a trip to Nuuksio the next weekend to admire the beauty of the nature and hike around a bit.

The plan is to:

  • Meet at Espoo railwaystation(northern side busstop) at ~10.30
  • Take a bus to Nuuksio
  • Hike around
  • EAT
  • Hike a bit more
  • eat
  • hike
Then there will be two options;
A) If you are in love enough with nature to stay for the night (sleeping bags can be borrowed); we will sleep outside and sit around a campfire, hopefully see some stars together, having breakfast the next day and end the trip before Sunday noon
B) Hunt yourself a bus (for example the one witch leaves at 19.10 from a spot where are our hike takes us at 19.00...) and gloriously ride it towards civilization.

The hike will cost 5€/7€+bus  depending if you stay for the night.

Sign up for the trip by replying to this mail, please tell in your reply if you need to borrow equipment, how long you will stay and if you have any allergies/special diets.

I'll answer any questions regarding this trip, more information will be given before the trip if need be.

Wonderful Winter!
alpi.jokinen (ät) aalto.fi

P.S. If you were wondering who the heck this is, I'm Teepakkis boards chairperson


Vaellus Nuuksioon, alkaa la espoon keskustalta klo 10.30, päättyy su aamupäivällä, voi lähtee jo la iltana. Hinta 5€/7€ riippuen yöpyykö. Ilmottautuminen tähän vastaamalla.
alpi.jokinen (ät) aalto.fi