to Haltia 21.2.

Hi all,

University of Helsinki Scouts (Hyde ry) welcome you to a trip to the
Finnish Nature Centre Haltia in Espoo on Sat 21st Feb! Here's a link
to the Haltia's web page: http://www.haltia.com/home/#&panel3-2.

The event is international so all the participants, also the Finnish,
are required to speak in English all day. The trip includes visiting
the Centre and sausages (soy sausages for vegetarians) and
marshmallows later on by a bonfire. A student ticket to Haltia costs 5
euros. You will also need an HSL regional ticket to go to Espoo by the
public transport. You can use your own HSL travel card if you have
value or regional time on it or you can buy single tickets.

We will meet at the main doors of the Central Railway Station (where
the big statues of the stone men are) in Helsinki at 12:50 on Sat 21st
Feb and go to Espoo together. Don't be late since the public transport
doesn't wait!

Please send an email to onerva.kiianlinna(at)helsinki.fi by Thu 19th
Feb if you would like to attend the event so that we will know how
much sausages and marshmallows to buy:) Also inform me if you are

You may also join Hyde's e-mail list by sending an email: "subscribe
hyde-lista own@address" to majordomo@helsinki.fi and get some info
about our other events. Welcome to Hyde - no scouting experience

If you have any questions concerning the trip or University of
Helsinki Scouts in general, do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,