Melontareissu 12.9. /// Paddling trip on thu 12.9.

Hei kaikille.

Nyt on käsillä kesän viimeiset hetket käydä melomassa. Alustavasti
kalastelen kiinnostuneita melontareissuun ensi torstaille. Lue alta
tarkemmat ohjeet :)

Hello everyone.

Around now is the latest time this summer to go paddling. I'm
organizing a paddling trip on this thursday 12. of September starting
around 6 pm and ending at 8 pm. Place is either near Seurasaari (3 km
from railway station) or Meri-Rastila (2 km from Rastila metro
station). The trip will cost around 20 €/person.

If you are interested please contact me **before 2pm on monday**, so I
can make necessary reservations.

Primarily I'll try to reserve kayaks from from the firm near
Seurasaari, but only if there are more than 10 participants. Otherwise
I'll reserve kayaks from Meri-Rastila. If you are only able to attend
either of these places please tell it clearly on the email.

Feel free to ask further questions from me.

Paavo: paavo.leinonen [ät] tkk.fi